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Santa Fe Fashion Outlet Mall

8380 Cerrillos Road at I-25

Just before I-25, Turn east on Beckner Road then right into the outlet mall. Go in the main entrance and turn

left to #112.

NM Low Income Rebates have been increased. The income limit has been raised to $36,000 up from $22,000. More people will qualify, and the average payment is $40 higher than last year. The rent and property tax rebates have not changed.


The Child Credit has been increased. If you received the advance child credit payments, you need to bring in the IRS letter mailed to you in January that says how much you have received. If you do not have that letter, add up all the payments and tell us how much you received.


Earned income and NM Working Families Credit have been expanded and increased. The credit now applies to people without children over 18 years old. There is no upper age limit anymore.


ITIN taxpayers will qualify for the NM Working Families Credit.


Stimulus Payments. Last spring, everyone who filed taxes in 2020 or 2019 should have received $1400 per person for people on your return. Check that you received those payments. If you did not, you can claim missing payments when you file this year’s tax return. You can find your payment status at Get My Payment | Internal Revenue Service ( You can make an account at IRS to see the details.

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