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Tax Season is over.

The store is closed.

Pete Doniger can still help you remotely for the rest of 2023. 

You can schedule an appointment by calling 505-670-6835 or emailing me.


You can send me your tax papers.

Once I get them, I will prepare and return your taxes.

Email to:

Mail to: 19 Picacho Peak Drive

Santa Fe 87506

For DOL, Caregiver refunds, you are eligible if

1. You are related to the patient. 

2. You live in the same home.

3. You paid taxes on the caregiver income for the years 2020, 2021, and/or 2022

We can prepare amended returns to provide to IRS and NM.

Please Contact Pete Doniger at

505-670-6835 or email us.

To Prepare Your Taxes, please bring:

1. All W-2s for your jobs

2. All 1099-R Retirement Statements

3. All 1099-NEC from Contract or self employment and expenses.

4. Social Security year end 1099-SSA if you get benefits.

5. Sum of all out of pocket medical expenses

6. To itemize you need over $12,500 single or 24,700 married of the following, mortgage interest, property taxes, contributions and medical costs, Gambling Losses to offset winnings.

7. Gambling W2-G is you won any jackpots.

8. Any other income papers for interest or investments. 

9. Your driver's license number and expiration date. Both, if married.

10. For new dependents, their social security cards and birthdays.

11. Bank routing and account numbers, Better yet, a voided check.

12. Property tax amount if you are claiming the low income property tax rebates from NM.

13. Any other tax forms you may have received.

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